many-to-many-to-many examples / tutorials / best practice

Has anyone got or seen a "many to many to many" example/ tutorial
anywhere ?

E.g. a model to handle , teacher , room , period


teacherA is in room 1 at 11-12 oclock or
teacherA and B is in room 2 at 12 - 1 oclock

I want to know what the best way to model this is ? And how to
display things like

Room 1
- 11 -12 Teacher A
- 12 - 1 Teacher & teacher B
ROom 2


Teacher A
11-12 Room1
12 -1 room 2



Have a look at Josh Susser's Many to Many Dance-Off. It's not quite what you are after but it might help you out:

Also see his other articles on this kind of thing:

Andy Stewart