Making GPS POI


I would like to make dynamic POI files for GPS software such tomtom

Have you ever heard about a "ror solution" to do that?


Well, not Rails, but just Ruby. I threw this together for my Garmin last year:

poi.rb takes a file of addresses, geocodes them, and creates a .csv file

poimerge.rb takes two POI .csv files and tries to identify duplicates and likely duplicates

You might want to check out for a lot of general POI and GPSr resources.


Rob Biedenharn

My problem is to make ov2 file. (tomtom file format). it's a binary

Any idea to do that in ruby?


Either figure out the format and just write it out, or visit
and get a tool that will do the csv=>ov2 conversion and just write out
the csv with ruby (and FasterCSV)