Major Headache incoming

Here we go again. I apologize in advance. When I'm trying to learn both
Ruby and RoR it confuses the crap out of me..

I have looked at many MANY tutorials such as:

Buy a book. Agile Web Development with Rails. It has a new edition for rails 3.1. It’s considered to be the primer for all beginning RoR developers.

Dheeraj Kumar

The point of tutorials such as is not to show you
how to develop an app like the one in the tutorial. It is to show
some of the basic techniques and tools available and how to put them
together. You say you have "looked at" that tutorial and others.
Looking at it is no good you have to spend a few days working right
through it and making sure you understand *everything* there. Then
you should have a good idea on how to start building the app you want
to build. You won't know everything by any means but you will know
enough to be able to carry out meaningful research to find out where
to go from there.


Take a weekend off and watch Railscasts 001 - 300