Mail 2.1.5 Pushed

Hi all,

Mail 2.1.5 has now been pushed to Gemcutter.

Key features and bug fixes

* Mail now tries to be smart about the body and auto encodes where it
can, makes things work nicer - big thank you to Peter Bowen
( for this work.
* Mail::Message now provides a #errors method. This contains an array
for each header field that failed to parse, the header field will then
be parsed as an UnstructuredField.
* Updated vendor'd treetop with latest changes from Nathan Sobo's
branch and Jeremy Kemper's branch
* Keep header field case when instantiating an Unstructured Field.
* Adding Message#decoded returns Message#body#decoded if the message
is not multipart
* Content transfer encoding failed on trailing semi-colon, fixed

You can get it from gemcutter or from github/mikel/mail tag 2.1.5