Mail 2.2.10 Release Announcement

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce 2.2.10.

This is a patch update introducing a few new features and fixing some bugs. All users of mail should upgrade.

Changes since 2.2.9:

* Added test retriever and updated documentation (Donald Ball)
* Fix test suite to work in any timezone (Donald Ball)
* Added dependency for tlsmail for Ruby 1.8.6 (Donald Ball)
* Added new feature, replies for mail message (Donald Ball)
* Fix references header to use CFWS instead of comma as the separator per RFC2822 (Donald Ball)
* Add find_and_delete convenience method for consistency with POP3, document delete_after_find option (Donald Ball)
* Documenting the openssl_verify_mode setting (Donald Ball)
* Added ruby-1.8.6 back into the list of tested platforms (Donald Ball)
* Relax i18n dependency until we remove active support requirement

Special thanks go out to Donald Ball for his awesome work.

To install mail:

  gem install mail


Mailing List for Mail:


Mikel Lindsaar