Mac Question: How to click on file ref in a log file and auto-launch the file into TextMate ??? (at the indicated line number ideally)

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to arrange on the Mac so that if I:
(a) see a file reference in a Rails log file (see below for example) that I could then:
(b) somehow highlight and hit a hot key combination such that that little application/helper then:

© opened this file up in TextMate and displayed that line number


:in `log_error’


TextMate Footnotes does something similar to what you're asking for.
It won't solve your problem but it might get you closer.

For hot-key combinations, you might need to write an app that
registers a Mac OS X Service.


thanks Faisal - great suggestion - site seems to be down just at the moment but I’ll try later (or grab from the repository) - Greg