Merb-style development exception pages for Mac OS X

I like the merb-style exception pages where there're links to open the
files listed in the stack trace in TextMate and the source around each
line a lot so I stole the idea (and the code!) and made a patch for

Here's how it looks like in Merb:

What do you guys think? Personally I find it very convenient to be
able to click the line numbers and go right to the source in TextMate.

Oh and the styling does need some work, feel free to spruce it up a

Chu Yeow

Looks nice. :slight_smile: But how do the TextMate links work, are they just
special URLs? Is there any way one can make editors in Linux
compatible with that?

An example of a TextMate link:

I'm not real sure whether other Linux editors allow being linked to
like that. If anyone knows of any that binds a custom URL scheme
like TextMate (see
I'll give it another shot so that it can either be customizable or
have a different version for Linux.

I couldn't find anything for Eclipse IDE either (since that's what
Aptana is based on) but correct me if I'm on.

Chu Yeow

That's the only problem I have with the patch, it seem a bit strange to include a solution specifically for one editor on one platform. Maybe it's better left as a plugin?


Good point. Maybe something can be set up in the environment files or variables.

Same here - aside from the TextMate links I think it’s a fantastic idea. One thing I’d love to see as we start out the 2.x+ development is better error pages for everything.

::Jack Danger

Textmate footnotes also does this.

I think this functionality should really stay as a plugin, since its
so environment specific.

- Rob

This is my first Rails submission.

ActionController::Base.head() is too wordy, it uses 10 lines of code for what could be done in 2, I’m looking for some feedback!


Steven Soroka

Thanks for all the feedback guys, really appreciate hearing your
opinions :slight_smile:

To be honest I kinda knew it was a long shot to get such a platform-
specific patch into core but wanted to try anyway :wink: I'll be rolling
this into a plugin.

Regarding the non-TextMate change though, which basically shows you
snippets of code around the each line in the stack trace, what do you
guys feel? Useful enough for developers to be in the Rails core?

One thing I like about the current merb dev error pages is that they
segment the cookies and session info instead of putting all the params
together in a var dumped request params hash.

One thing I'd love to see as we start out the 2.x+ development is better error pages for everything.

Yup I can't agree more, and a "visual refresh" would feel like a fresh
coat of paint too (albeit only cosmetic, but hey, looks do matter on
web pages).

Chu Yeow

I'm for including this patch by default, and against turning it into a
plugin. The feature that this patch provides doesn't seem to get in
the way of non-Mac/non-Textmate users, but provides a valuable
addition for users who do use them. And while the feature is nice,
it's nothing ground-breaking. Turning it into a plugin would mean one
more step is needed before people can use the feature, and because of
that extra step many people wouldn't even bother.