Lost connection to MySQL server during query

Ken wrote:

You are probably using an older version of MySQL which has different password mechanism. You can fix the problem by simply updating to the latest version of MySQL. I used to have the problem too, but after I updated MySQL, it all works fine.

  Thanks for the suggestion. I checked that, and its not it.

  I loaded RadRails, and the data-browser worked fine. However, the WEBrick apps yet again would not even try to connect to the DB server; not failed password issues or whatever. Those I would see in the MySQL server log. No connection attempt at all. I am so far rather disappointed with my Ruby on Rail experience... not being able to even follow along in the tutorial is rather disheartening.

  I wiped my Ruby and Rails environments twice and reinstalled to make sure I hadn't done something daft, but that didn't help. This morning I wiped Ruby & Rails again, and installed "Instant Rails" to see if I can get any further down that road. If not, I suppose the next thing to do is just set up a testing environment on my production Apache box to see if a deployed application works there at all.

  As a I say, rather disheartening.

I know that “lost connection” problem can also be caused by an older, buggy version of the mysql ruby adapter. I would recommend trying Instant Rails (as you said above). It includes an up to date mysql driver and should not have that problem.


installations (imo) are the biggest problem with rails and it's supporting cast (mysql drivers. os specific issues, server configs, etc)

after installation is solid, likely your biggest problem will be one of documentation. Building your personal blogroll and improving your ability intuit Rail's philosophy with increase your ability to deliver quality quickly.

As a final note, you should not consider that to power of rails can replace solid best practices. (not saying you were, just wanted to complete the general thought)

Good luck on your journey Matt - you'll find the community a good partner.

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correction on that (and a bottom quote. go figure!) - it's the supporting cast that's the problem with installs - not with rails specifically.