Looking for a RoR Developer with 5+ years experience (NYC)

Hi Aubrey Backman,

I am Aashish a 'Ruby on Rails Developer'. I am having similar skills(a
Ruby on Rails developer, heroku as deployment server, a Github user,
RDBMS / NoSQL as databases) as follows:

      5+ years of Ruby on Rails development experience
      Experience developing web-based consumer-facing applications using
open-source technologies.
      Hands-on experience developing with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, HTML5,
CSS3, Ajax, bootstrap framework.
      Experience in deploying Rails application on cloud platforms such
as heroku, EngineYard.
      Experience in version control such as SVN, Git.
      Experience with
        RDBMS : PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle
        NoSQL : MongoDB, Redis
      Ability to work on the full web stack: from UI/UX design /
front-end development to server side development.
      Ability to deliver cross-browser compatibility
      Experience in an Agile software development environment.

I am attaching my resume to this e-mail in an effort to see if we have a
match concerning the requirements of the position and my qualification.
Please contact me if you have questions and to schedule a time to talk
in person.

I am looking forward about exploring this opportunity.

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