Logging in Production on Network Solutions

Network Solutions is really beginning to try my patience. Can anyone
help me with get logs to work in a Production environment hosted on
Network Solutions?

I've edited envionment.rb to include "config.log_level = :debug",
restarted the app. but I still get nothing in the log directory.

Have you checked it is not being overridden in environments/production.rb?


Yes. There's nothing in the environments/production.rb that should
affect it:

# Settings specified here will take precedence over those in config/

# The production environment is meant for finished, "live" apps.
# Code is not reloaded between requests
config.cache_classes = true

# Use a different logger for distributed setups
# config.logger = SyslogLogger.new

# Full error reports are disabled and caching is turned on
config.action_controller.consider_all_requests_local = false
config.action_controller.perform_caching = true
config.action_view.cache_template_loading = true

# Use a different cache store in production
# config.cache_store = :mem_cache_store

# Enable serving of images, stylesheets, and javascripts from an asset
# config.action_controller.asset_host = "http://

# Disable delivery errors, bad email addresses will be ignored
# config.action_mailer.raise_delivery_errors = false

may i ask what web server you’re using?

Apache/2.2.8 (Unix) / Phusion_Passenger/2.0.6

I've managed to get some output to the production.log file. By
default Network Solutions creates the log files with 644, I think it
needs 666. It's hard to tell since there seems to be a buffer that
has to fill before the write is actually executed. At least I can see
why the app's crashing. It's claiming that the view is missing (it's
not). I wish I could get a response from these clowns to find out
what they changed in the file system (or otherwise) that is causing
this app to fail (it was working perfectly for weeks).

Here's what I think happened:
Network Solutions went into a complete tailspin over this recent hack
of their file servers, and ran around altering permissions on
directories and files left, right, and centre. All of this resulted
in some very confused, and messed up applications. There's a peculiar
setting in their "FTP and Content Publishing" section called "Reset
File Permissions". Now, to my eye there was nothing wrong with the
permissions, but maybe it was an Owner/Group thing? Who knows since
they still haven't got back to me. With some hesitation I clicked the
option, expecting it to break all manner of existing site, apps, etc,
etc. Well, it seems to have fixed the Rails app, and the others look