need to turn off ALL caching in production environment

I'm deploying to a production environment to show a client progress on
a site, but it's being cached strangely.

Here is my production.rb:

# Settings specified here will take precedence over those in config/

# The production environment is meant for finished, "live" apps.
# Code is not reloaded between requests
config.cache_classes = true

# Use a different logger for distributed setups
# config.logger =

# Full error reports are disabled and caching is turned on
config.action_controller.consider_all_requests_local = false
config.action_controller.perform_caching = false
config.action_view.cache_template_loading = false

# Enable serving of images, stylesheets, and javascripts from an asset
# config.action_controller.asset_host = "http://"

# Disable delivery errors, bad email addresses will be ignored
# config.action_mailer.raise_delivery_errors = false

What am I missing? Could mongrel be causing this?