Deployment on Network Solutions

Has anyone successfully deployed on Network Solutions? All I seem to
be able to get are "500" errors, nothing in the logs. I'm hoping this
is a stupid database.yml problem, but none of the iterations I've
tried seem to help. At a complete loss right now.

I think I've eliminated the database.yml as a problem, by configuring
the environment.rb to skip the Active Record framework.
Still nothing but the custom rails 500 error, and nothing in the logs.

Looks like I was wrong. It was the database. I thought I was running
in "development", which I had specified in the environment.rb, but it
wasn't taking. So it was running in "production", which didn't have a
database configured in the database.yml. Once that was corrected it
all fell into place. Not sure why I don't see anything in the log
files though.