Localizing an engine with gettext .. what and where ?


I succeeded localizing my app with gettext (good tutorial @
http://www.yotabanana.com/hiki/ruby-gettext-howto-rails.html) BUT... I'd
like to localize an engine (let's call it jdoe_engine...
it seems more complicated....

In order to get my pot/po's to generate my mo's
what should be my rakefile ?

I've not test it, but it should be something like this:

require 'gettext/utils'
desc "Create mo-files for L10n"
task :makemo do
  GetText.create_mofiles(true, "po", "locale")
desc "Update pot/po files to match new version."
task :updatepo do
  GetText.update_pofiles("jdoe_engine", Dir.glob("{app,lib}/**/*.{rb,rhtml}"),
                         "jdoe_engine #{version}")

where it should be located ?


how can I run it ? any additional lines to be inserted into my app files to take my
mo's in account ?

$ cd vendor/plugins/foo
$ rake updatepo

could google it anywhere ....

Did you check samples/rails/vendor/plugins/gettext in gettext gem ?

masao wrote that , but I don't actually got it right :

Rails Plugins
You can localized your Rails Plugins easily.

Engines is not simple plugin as you say.
But recently, I've get some questions like yours.
So, with next version of Ruby-GetText, engines will be able to use GetText easier.
Also I'll write a tutorial for it after releasing next version of GetText.

# Already, I've implemented some code for this on CVS.
# You can try it, but there've been no sample yet, though.

Anyway, thanks for trying Ruby-GetText.