link_to_remote problem

hey everyone

I'm trying to implement a google map in my application using the ym4r
Accessing the action directly using the url /controller/action works
However, when i use link_to_remote or render_component to display the
action that has the map, it just renders a blank div.
Does anyone have any idea on what could be happening or how should i
load it properly?

Here's how i'm declaring the link:

<%= link_to_remote 'Mapa',
    :update => 'main-window',
    :method => 'get',
    :url => { :controller => 'country', :action => 'index'} %>

Thanks in advance,
Ricardo Silveira Cabral

Hi Ricardo,

I don't think the problem is in your link_to_remote, if you have the
id 'main-window' and is updating it with a 'blank div' that link is
doing something. Are you sure you the output you are getting from
country/index is what you want?

Can you give us the country/index action code and the view code too?

My advice would be: try it without ajax and do some tests, after you
are sure of what is it doing, add ajax just to: "make it suck less".

Suerte! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by conflicts? i have
<%= GMap.header(:with_vml => false) %>
declared on both the head of the layout and in country/index.rhtml,
but i've tried every combination of header declarations with these two
files to no avail.

I've uploaded my latest code to the site (with it's respective google
maps api key :)) to
if you want to take a look. The problematic link_to_remote to country/
index is the word 'Mapa' in the second menu.

Ricardo Silveira Cabral

For everyone trying the same thing:

Guilhem Vellut suggested changing
   <%= @map.to_html %>
   <%= @map.to_html :no_load => true %>

which fixed the situation.