link_to popup problems

Jeremy Woertink wrote:

so, I have a strange problem with popups using link_to and i'm not sure
what to look for.

My problem:
When I click the link it pops open a new window. When using internet
explorer 6 or 7 *sometimes* it will open the popup window AND open in
the same window. I tested it in Opera, FireFox, Safari and they all work
just fine, only internet exploder it will do this. The main issue is
that it doesn't always do it, it's intermittent.

My code:

<%= link_to('Seating Chart', { :controller => 'pages', :action =>
'seating_chart', :id => @show }, :popup => true) %>

Any ideas?

Hi there,
Did you resolve this issue? I am having similar issue.