Junior Rails Developer, London, UK

The company I’m contracting at is looking for:

An enthusiastic, junior Ruby on Rails developer. Maybe you’ve been using PHP for a few years and have recently started playing with Rails or you’ve been using Rails for a while but only in a small/sideline capacity and want to move up to using it in a professional environment on high transaction sports betting sites.

We’re looking for someone that knows the buzzwords - HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON, Rails, RSpec, etc but hasn’t necessarily had a chance to learn them fully or use them “in anger”. We’ll start you off easy and bring you up to speed working on a major Rails site, helping you learn along the way.

We’re looking for enthusiasm and drive, with a little bit of Rails rather than lots of experience - recent/upcoming graduates that have played with Rails part time would be perfect.

If you want a chance to switch or having been using Rails for a while but haven’t been able to prove yourself, get in touch.

  • No telecommuting

  • Salary is early to late £20Ks depending on experience.



Hai Andy,

This is Raju from india im Ruby on Rails Developer and as well as System Administrator also from past two years, i have work experience in ROR 1/2 years now im deal both ROR development and System Admin.

Andy i have a doubt, im clear about your offer, i.e., remote working or relocate can i know clear about your offer plz

thanks & regards


We’re actually looking for currently UK located developers.

Thanks anyway,