JS inserted inputs don’t appear as parameters in controller

I’ve read ‘How to get dynamically created inputs from html form back to,
Posted by David Johnson (Guest) on 03.06.2006 04:03’ but it doesn’t seem
to work for me.

I’m using client-side javascript to add input tags to a webpage, but
when I submit the page, there are no parameters created for the input
fields, when it is entering the controller???

The code in the .js file:

function addBmw(){
  cnt = $('bmws').select('div[id^=bmw]').size();
  bmw = $F('sel_bmw').split('|');
  bmw_line = '<div id="' + 'bmw' + (cnt).toString() + '">';
  bmw_line += '&nbsp;<img alt="delete" border="0px"
src="/images/delete-icon.jpg" onclick="javascript:delBmw(' +
(cnt).toString() + ')" />';
  bmw_line += '<input style="position:relative;left:200px"
id="event_employer_' + bmw[0] + '_xomment" name="event_employer[' +
bmw[0] + '][comment]" size="60" type="text" />';
  bmw_line += '<label style="position:relative;left:-380px">&nbsp;' +
bmw[1] + '</label>';
  bmw_line += '</div>';
  Element.insert('bmws', {bottom: bmw_line});
function delBmw(bmw_id){
  Element.remove('bmw' + bmw_id)

This works fine on the page, but no parameters received in the
controller …..
Someone knows an answer? (or is it just working as designed?)

TIA, Adrie