Jruby + SQLServer

Hi, I´m using jruby and sqladapter.jar to conect in my sql server.
but this integration dont work well yet.
my database.yml config:

host: localhost
adapter: jdbc
username: sasa
password: senha
driver: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver
url: jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;databaseName=rails_teste

something wrong with this??

i need change my enviroment.rb?

please help

What error do you get? Did you include sqladapter.jar on the
classpath? Do you have the activerecord-jdbc-adapter gem installed?
What versions of all these (JRuby, activerecord-jdbc-adapter, Rails)?


Thanks for your hellping.
Sql server 2005

  • jruby-1.3.1
    gem list
    actionmailer (2.3.2)
    actionpack (2.3.2)
    activerecord (2.3.2)
    ActiveRecord-JDBC (0.5)
    activerecord-jdbc-adapter (0.9.1)
    activeresource (2.3.2)
    activesupport (2.3.2)
    builder (2.1.2)
    camping (1.5.180)
    jruby-openssl (0.5.1)
    markaby (0.5)
    metaid (1.0)
    rails (2.3.2)
    rake (0.8.7)
    rspec (1.2.6)
    sources (0.0.1)
    I alredy try with jars:

I can do all steps but rake db:create don´t work
nothing happening
don´t show erros
don´t create db

I have to create a easily intall app and i need rake db:create

See http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/JRUBY-3502. I'd suggest for now,
opening up the SqlServer console and creating the databases there
until we're able to sort out the db:create stuff.


Ok. But I really need to create a “magic” way to install for this app;
Any ideia?
Anithing can help;