Is activerecord-sqlserver-adapter compatible with JRuby?

We have a Rails project that uses JRuby and want to migrate our database to SQL Server. We first wanted to use the gem activerecord-jdbcsqlserver-adapter only to realize that this gem is not up to date, i.e. our Rails version (6.1.x) is not supported. We opt to activerecord-sqlserver-adapter, but aren’t sure whether this is a good idea or not.

Would it be possible to use this gem for our project?

Furthermore we want to know why the activerecord-jdbcsqlserver-adapter is not supported anymore (last commit on the stable version (5.2.) was 4 years ago)

I am not very familiar with JRuby, so I could be wrong about this. Someone please correct me if so.

I do not think activerecord-sqlserver-adapter will work with JRuby, because activerecord-sqlserver-adapter requires tiny_tds which has C extensions for FreeTDS. I don’t believe the portion of tiny_tds written in C will work on JRuby.

(Edit: I originally wrote activerecord-jdbcsqlserver-adapter when I meant activerecord-sqlserver-adapter.)