remote MSSQL database JDBC URL and driver

Right now I'm connecting to a remote MSSQL db using sqljdbc4.jar from Netbeans, which works fine for Java. However, for Ruby (not Jruby, note), what's best? Would this adapter work:

I ask because the MSSQL db expects a JDBC connection, I think, wheras the Ruby adapter won't be JDBC (does the db even know?). My connection info is like so:

Database URL: jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=bar Driver: Schema: baz User: foobar

at least, that's how it appears in the IDE. Microsoft doesn't have Ruby driver as they do for JDBC Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server - JDBC Driver for SQL Server | Microsoft Docs ?

Can this info basically be copied over to the database.yml file?

I notice projects like:

however, I'd prefer to stick with "regular" Ruby over JRuby. I don't have to use JRuby for the connection, do I?