JOBS - We are hiring a ROR Developer in Camaloon!

Camaloon exists to allow people to design products easily via the internet. Camaloon provides a service for clients who want to stand out from the crowd, to be noticed, to personalise their surroundings, or who want to widely transmit a message, an image, a logo, a brand or an artwork to a huge audience.

Camaloon is a website and mobile application which lets users select and personalise a wide range of products, upload their own designs and order online. Users can also browse designs by other users, and appraise, share or purchase products with other designs. Our products currently comprise badges, vinyl stickers, magnets and t-shirts.

Currently we are looking for a senior RoR developer ready to get involved in a challenging project who ends up changing your life:

The ideal candidate should be as is described below

You will be part of the developer team at Camaloon, participating in the development of the website, built on top of Ruby on Rails 4.

Experience & Qualifications:

  • Dilated experience in programming and web development in particular, either at work or from personal experience.
  • Experience working with Ruby, and with Ruby on Rails framework.

Knowledge of:

  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • Javascript (not jQuery)
  • Git
  • Web technologies (http, tcp, dns, everything‚Ķ)

Highly preferred experience/knowledge:

  • angular js framework
  • systems administration and architecture
  • frontend technology knowledge

if you are interested, please send you CV to


Any junior-level telecommute jobs available?

Is it remote location job?

Is this a remote job?

The job position is in our office in Barcelona (Spain)