JOBS - Urgent - Looking for Ruby on Rails Professionals - Contract - Long term - Las Vegas, NV

** ****Ruby On Rails (RoR) ****1 ****jRuoy, Gems on Ralls, and Java *****I *****JMS **integration

(5 - 6 Positions )

a. 1 (RoR archit****ect} who -

    i.     can work with build and release management,  product manager, chief architect of  in-house software development

                               ii.     can lead the team of Ruby front end and Rail team

                               III.       can maintain the product feature roadmap updated per product map *I *release plan designed by the product owner (architect)

                    b.    **2 ****positions -**  strong on front end side (HTML, Javascript, browser compatibilities, JRuby, integration with Gems running on Ruby)

                    c.    **2 ****positions -**  strong on development of Gems on Rails, JMS integration, Java<sub>,</sub> Tomcat, VIM

                    d.    **1-2** positions - who can scale across needs per band c to support production tickets, on call

                    Entire team will be on production support, but we will rotate the schedule internally for the same.

Please contact me, if you have questions.