JavaScript and Ruby in HAML

What I'm trying to do:

For every view file (e.g. new.html.haml), include a file with this
pattern: <action_name>.js. So, in the example of new.html.haml, I'd
like to automatically try to include the file new.js.

Further, I'd like to be able to evaluate Ruby code in the JS. A silly

alert( #{ } );

I've tried a few things. At this point, it seems like maybe creating a
partial is the easiest, but I wonder if there's a cleaner way someone
can think of?

Molto grati

<%= content_for( :head, javascript_include_tag( "#{action_name}.js" ) ) %>

Even better, bundle that into a helper, and add some conditional logic so it still works if that file doesn't exist.

As for evaluating Ruby within js, you will need to make your .js file .js.erb, but I'm not sure what environment and variables will be ready for it when it's loaded into your page. I presume you've read about rjs, and you don't want that?


Yikes, noob alert! I haven't read about rjs. Let me do that before I
trouble you any further. Thanks much, Walter.