Can I have a ruby code inside a .js file?

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Can I have a ruby code inside a java script function written in .js file?

When I tried it, i got an error.

e.g. consider following function inside myscript.js file


function sayHi



alert(‘HI <%=name%>’);


But this works if I have above function in a rhtml file inside tag.

Any inputs in this regard will be really helpful.

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no, you cannot have ruby code inside a standalone js file, as it is
your browser that requests the file directly from the webserver. it
is NOT being parsed/interpreted/executed on the server.

when you put the ruby code into the rhtml template within <script>
tags then that code IS being parsed as part of the template file.


Yes and no. You can't have Ruby code within a .js file stored in the public directory, but you could generate a javascript file from a controller (this will require some disabling any layouts, etc.). Your HTML will probably need to reference the generated javascript "file" directly, rather than through Rails' helper function.


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