is this group moderated in any way, and what's up with google search ?

I posted a message that I was willing to work for sort of cheap so I
could get more rails stuff on my resume. The post does not seem to be
there however. I suspect it was removed ?

Also, messages posted after jan 9th don't seem to show up when you
google search them, not sure what's going on ? If I post a message that
has Boston in it, and then google for "Boston" to find it, it doesn't
show up. I used to just google my email to find my previous posts,
something with that has changed so it doesn't work either.

Google Groups has been working really poorly the last few days. Post
don't show up or they are massively delayed. It's rather frustrating.

However, I do not believe that this group is meant for posting any kind
of job announcements or applications. So if it was considered
off-topic, it may also have been removed, I guess.

well, it was because I posted $25/hr for one. There are posts on here
for companies looking for developers that have not been removed.