Is command line tool "curl" actually provided by Ruby on Rails or windows?

I tried using the command line tool "curl" in a Ruby console window and got the message:-

'curl' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

The same thing happened in an ordinary "dos" window (calling the curl from the ruby application's folder).

I can't find "curl" anywhere in any Ruby-related documentation. There is a cURL website where I could ask about this but I thought I should ask here first. I am following along with "Agile Web Developement with Rails" where I have set up a REST-style interface to generate an XML feed from the application using an rxml template. My curl looks like:-

curl http://localhost:3000/info/who_bought/1

I added my little issue with the Report Erratum and so far no-one has responded.

Does anyone know what's happeing here

Comes bundled with Mac OS X and some Linux distributions.


Yep. If you're going to do Rails on Windows, you may want to look into "cygwin" - it provides many of the basic command-line tools that are present in UNIX/Linux.

On the other hand, it can be confusing, because it's a whole environment unto itself. So you may end up with two versions of ruby (one in Windows, one in cygwin), two sets of gem libraries, etc. etc.