Invoker - 1.1.0 released

Hello Folks,

I am please to release 1.1.0 version of Invoker.

If you have not heard of Invoker, Invoker is a tool for managing processes in development

environment. Invoker lets you start multiple processes using a Procfile (or a custom ini file) and makes them available on .dev wildcard domain locally.

Invoker also lets you start, stop or restart individual processes and enables you to tail

log from one or more processes easily. If you are working on a project that requires multiple

services, it helps you simplify the workflow quite a bit.

You can find more details about Invoker[1] at:

Changelog (Since last release):

  • Implement ability to tail one more more process logs via dedicated tail command.

  • Implement ability to run Invoker as a daemon.

  • Rework internals of invoker to use JSON as message passing mechanism.