ANN - Invoker 1.4.1 released

Hello folks,

Team Codemancers is proud to release Invoker version 1.4.1. If you haven’t used Invoker before, checkout for more information.

This new version packs bunch of goodies and fixes. A brief list is as follows:

  1. Invoker supports processes that are inactive by default but can be started

via invoker add. More information -

  1. Invoker now supports a global config file defined in ~/.invoker directory which can be

used from anywhere.

  1. Added support for Debian, Mint and Arch Linux.

  2. When starting invoker one can specify the beginning port. More details:

  1. Added bash completion for Invoker -

  2. when running invoker list, also show port number -

  3. Invoker now supports different subdomains to be directed to different applications.

For example: can direct to web application whereas can direct to

another application. More details -

If you have any feedback or comments, please let us know.