Invoker - 1.0.3 version released

Hello folks,

Invoker is a process supervisor for development environment. Think of it like Pow + Foreman, only better (:-)).

More information about Invoker itself can be found from its Website:


  1. Invoker now supports Procfiles and .env loading. Which means, if you were using Foreman, you can switch to Invoker without any effort and get added benefit of .dev local domain like feature.

  2. Each process spawned is started in its own process group. Fixes the bug #34 (

  3. Fixed bug with /etc/resolver directory not existing (

  4. Invoker now displays a error page, if backend server is not responding or non-existant, when app is accessed via

  5. Moved specs to rspec from bacon.

  6. Several other minor fixes.

Hope you find it useful.