Internationalization of stylesheets

My application supports a dozen locales. I use different stylesheets for each locale because things differ and it looks better if the styles fit the locale.

  Currently I use <%= stylesheet_link_tag

“/stylesheets/#{I18n.locale}.css”, :media => “screen” %> in my layouts as needed.

  This works but I do not get the advantages of fingerprinting and

minification that one would get with assets.

  Is there a better way to do this?



Do the style for each locale differ a lot?

Personally, I would use a class or attribute to se the language on the body or the html element and put all languages on the same file and add the language as the selector for the things that should be different. It the difference is little you shouldn’t have any problem with the size since minification and gzip compression should be enough.

If the styles are too different, I’m not sure.