installing ruby as a non-privileged user

Dear list,

I need to install Ruby on Rails without administrative privileges. I
figured I could install ruby and have 'make install' write its output
to a defined folder, but this doesn't give me a working ruby. Help is
welcome. Here's how I proceeded:

download and untar ruby-1.8.5-p2.tar.gz



make install


Still, when trying to install rubygems or even running "IRB", it won't
find its .rb files (error message below):

`require': no such file to load -- irb (LoadError)
        from /users/sista/bioiuser/rubyonrails/ruby/x86_64-linux/bin/

Any pointers?


I've done this before, and my steps looked identical to yours except I
did not include the --exec-prefix when executing configure. I did ./
configure --prefix=$HOME; make; make install. Hope that helps.

i try to install ruby-1.8.6 in linux

cd /share/apps/ruby-1.8.6
./configure --prefix=`pwd`;make;make install

i include /share/apps/ruby-1.8.6/bin in my $PATH

but when i invoke irb, i encountered error

/share/apps/ruby-1.8.6/bin/irb:10:in `require': no such file to load
-- irb (LoadError)
        from /share/apps/ruby-1.8.6/bin/irb:10

what might be wrong?