Installing rails on lucid lynx.

I am getting the following error when I try to install rails on lucid lynx :-

mark@mark-laptop:~/code/ruby$ sudo gem install rails ERROR: Error installing rails:   i18n requires RubyGems version >= 1.3.6

I have installed RubyGems1.9.1, but it seems that "gem" is still at version 1.3.5 :-

mark@mark-laptop:~/code/ruby$ /usr/bin/gem1.9.1 -v 1.3.5

I have the following version of Ruby :-

mark@mark-laptop:~/code/ruby$ ruby -v ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249) [i486-linux]

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Hi Mark,

Apparently you can only update ruby gems from the repositories. What I have done was install it from source. Just grab the source and install it. It will overwrite the existing one.

I don't know if anyone else has another solution, but that is the one I found.

Hope that helps.



Additionally, Mark, don’t use ruby 1.9.1 with rails: it’s buggy.and it’s not recommended, as mentioned on RoR home page. Consider compiling ruby from source, either version 1.8.7 or 1.9.2. Follow the step by step instructions from Ruby official site if in doubt. Install RubyGems manually afterwards by running the install script form their official page:

As a third step, just install rails as a gem. I’,m also using Ubuntu as a development environment and I recommend you to keep up-to-date on your tools by following this install path. The repositories are lagging behind.