Install RoR on Vista problem

Hi I have tried to install RoR on my Vista machine but with no success yet.

First I followed the tutorial getting started at RoR website & everything worked up to the home page not showing in http://localhost:3000 browser.

The Windows error message is: <<<ERROR>>>>localhost is not set up to establish aconnection on port 3000 with this computer

I tried an internet search for help on opening ports in Vista and have not found any suitable help yet! I also run Xampp & IIS on my Vista machine (Xampp uses Apache server & MySQL) & these are working fine (I followed internet articles to set up & install them).

As this didn't work I have tried installing RoR with Cygwin from this youtube presentation:

(Cygwin with sqlite3)

This gets as far as opening the default homepage in http://localhost:3000 but this is not correctly installed & I have this error at 'About your applications environment':

About your application’s environment We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.

I have spent somewhile trying to fix this but without success.

Can anyone please offer a solution? I look forward to helpful replies, many thanks

Hi Well sadly I had no reply to my original post for help about my RoR being rubyOFFrails so I am replying now to my own post to update it. I have now found a solution - I was using Ruby19 and windows vista baulked at this (at one stage saying it could not find mscrvtruby18.dll (?)). So I looked harder at the RoR download page & it recommends Ruby 1.8.7 I could not find this but I uninstalled Ruby19 & have installed Ruby 1.8.6 instead and then followed an installation tutorial at

(using sqlite3-ruby & mongrel) & I have now the home page up & running on localhost:3000- problem sorted!

Now I look forward to following the further instructions & developing with RoR.

Well it is good to talk-even if it is only to yourself! Maybe this post here though may help others to set up without Ruby19 which wasn't compatible with Rails for me! Goodluck....