Install plugin acts_as_auth.. no access to

please help me get this plugin installed...

I have no access to due to a firewall blocking the
weenie crap in its domain name.


more specifically, i'm trying to do this:
script/plugin install

and it bombs.

On a machine w/ access to this repository, I did an svn checkout and
tar'd up the contents... then untar'd on the machine in question but
this does not work:
script/plugin install /sometempdir/where_i_untared/acts_as_authenticated

All script/plugin does is checks out a plugin with svn into
vendor/plugins, you can easily do this manually:

svn co

You can just copy that vendor/plugins/my-plugin folder to your server
without any issues.

* one thing that script/plugin install does, however, is runs the
install.rb script. But, the one that acts_as_authenticated uses just
prints the readme.