instaling rails 4.0.8

I am on win7. I installed ruby 2.0.0 but I don’t know how tu install rails 4.0.8.
I need this enviroment for Ruby on Rails tutorial. Thank’s

I typed the command gem install rails -v 4.0.8 and after I typed rails -v and I got answer rails 4.1.6
But, when I start RubyGems Documentacion server I see that I have rails 4.0.8 Full-stack web application framework.
But also I have railties 4.0.8 Tools for creating, working with, and running Rails applications. And railties 4.1.6 Tools for creating, working with, and running Rails applications.Executable is
I need rails 4.0.8, not 4.1.6. Thanks
Dana petak, 10. listopada 2014. 11:42:21 UTC+2, korisnik Darko Vulin napisao je:

I can't help as I don't use Windows, but I thought I should explain
why you have had no replies. Few people use Windows for Rails
development, it is nearly always Linux (eg Ubuntu) or Mac. I believe
it is possible on Win but you will certainly find it much more
difficult to get help. I always recommend using Ubuntu, either dual
booting the PC or by running it in a Virtual Machine (using VirtualBox
or VMWare for example).


You can’t actually just specify an older version Rails when doing rails new, you need to uninstall & reinstall the whole gem itself. (or use RVM to create yourself a custom gemset, but that’s beyond the scope of this answer)

you have to uninstall the rails gem (be sure to do it globally) and then install the rails gem specifying the version you want

something like:

sudo gem uninstall rails

sudo gem install rails -v 4.0.8

+1 to what Colin said, either get a Mac or virtualize Ubuntu inside that nasty wintel machine

(kidding, totally kidding, some of my best friends use Windows. But not for Rails development.)

You just need to specify wanted rails version in the command, rails 4.0.8 new appname
This works at least on ubuntu and mac.

Holy crap. Is that documented?!?

That actually works for me, using the underscores just like you said.


Not sure, I may have picked it from rails source…
Ill take a closer look to the documentation later today to see if/where its hidden (unless someone does it earlier…)


I can’t find it in the Rails guides and it’s not in the manual page for rails new (rails new -h).

Thanks for telling us! I’ve been telling people to gem uninstall & gem install for years.



Holy crap. *Is that documented?!?*


But thats not rails but rubygems behaviour.

Documentation is hidden inside the documentation for "gem install":

Read the last paragraph in the description, right above "Gem Dependency