In Defense of Dynamic Scaffolding ("scaffold :model")

I have been using Active Scaffold for some time now (2-3 months). I am very happy with the default UI and behavior in most ways. As we discussed in the BOF at RailsConf 2007 there will always be a 5-10% gap between any user's needs and a generic framework like AS or Rails for that matter. I have found Active Scaffold very amenable to adaptation. It provides many hooks for easy customization, and is open source for those less common cases. Using ruby to apply patches to an open source framework makes that last 1% so much easier than any other environment! There are even starting to be plug-ins to AS indicating there is enough function there to be worth extending in a general way.

I chose Active Scaffold in part because it was the first one I came across, but also because it keeps coming out better in evaluations I do. I did not like the Streamlined UI behavior at all. The UI did not feel good to me. I did not use Hobo because I do not want to learn yet another tag language. I have not looked at the other 2 you mention, but I am getting vested enough in AS that I will probably not change it out for the current project, and even later projects will most likely use it as I have developed a good working relationship with the code and would not want to invest that time again without a big pay off.


Jeremy Evans wrote: