Dynamic Scaffolding gone

Corey Murphy wrote:

Since Rails 2.0 has removed dynamic scaffolding, is there any other

There are a few alternatives (all of them better than the old stuff from Rails 1.x):

* ActiveScaffold - http://activescaffold.com/
* Streamlined - http://streamlinedframework.org/
* Hobo - http://www.hobocentral.net/
* make_resourceful - http://mr.hamptoncatlin.com/

The only one I have used extensively is ActiveScaffold although I am not a hugh fan of the single-page interface. The one that interest me the most is make_resourceful. Doesn't scaffold your views but those are custom most of the time anyway. The real savings is the configurable scaffolding of your controllers. Streamlined has been around a while and has lots of capabilities but I find it a bit kitchen sink. I haven't tried Hobo but it looks to deviate from the general mindset of Rails too much for me.