Evil Scaffold

I read the Amy Hoy's presentation on why scaffold is not a good thing for beginners. For admin
application, is it ok to use scaffold?

Maybe. My biggest problem with scaffolding isn't that it exists but that
it does so very little. I'm in the process of converting a PHP tool of
mine for Rails. It's basically dynamic and ultra-configurable
scaffolding. Scaffolding on crack, if you will. It's designed for people
who get sick of writing CRUD but aren't satisfied with the lack of
validation, presentation, etc. etc. of scaffolding. And it's built on
plugins, so you can actually do more than the basic CRUD (mass
edit/update/delete anyone? Import/Export from CSV?). Designing for
people who don't know and won't learn Ruby or Rails is the farthest
thing from my mind.

Bala Paranj wrote:

Sounds like Streamlined to me. Streamlined does not have any tests and I don't want to depend on
something which does not have tests.

Um... Dont' know what you consider tests... but... this appears to be
a couple of tests:


And following the lead of Rails itself... here is the directory of
templates for generating tests:


What more do you want?

Yeah, I took a look at Streamlined a bit back. Didn't dig too deeply,
but it appeared to have a lot of similar functionality and goals but
with a different approach.

Bala Paranj wrote:

Sorry, back to your main question. Scaffold is a great place to start.
And honestly, the scaffold for REST is pretty great.

script/generate scaffold_resource Building name:string floors:integer

More info here:

If you want to watch a great video:
But definitely check out the cheat sheet on the page above as well.


I was at the Nova RUG presentation given by the developer of Streamlined, he said that they don't
have tests in place.

I watched the peepcode screencast on RESTful Rails. The scaffold code looks clean but he
recommends not to use scaffold if you are going to do TDD. For beginners it looks ok.