in a view, call a helper method from another controller

I need to call a helper method from another controller. The catch is
that I have the same method name defined in my current controllers

Here the partial will use the the default column_list defined in my
<%=render 'companies/company', :object => @company%>
For example, if I change the call to specify the method, it still runs
<%=render 'companies/company', :object => @company, :locals =>
{:column_list => method(:column_list)}%>

Here I want to use another's helper column_list:
<%=render 'companies/companies', :object =>
@customers_employees, :locals => {:column_list =>} %>

I get this error:
undefined method `column_list' for class

How can I pass the reference to the right helper method?

helper_methods are not methods of the controller - they are methods of
the associated helper module (usually CustomerEmployeesHelper in this
case). Does that help ?


I realize that.
I want to call a helper method column_list available when running
CustomersEmployeesController. CustomersEmployeesController inherits
from CompaniesController, which includes the helper method needed. I
cannot hardcode the file name of the module where this method is,
because I might redefine it later in CustomersEmployeesHelper and that
would drive crazy the maintenance programmer when will find that
normal mechanisms of inheritance don't work.

I thought that instantiating CustomersEmployeesController will include
automatically his Helper module, but it appears it doesn't.

Why not put the relevant helper methods in a module that both
controllers use ?