Improve the Rails Lighthouse overview page


I have a suggestion to improve the Rails Lighthouse overview page. At
present the description is very large. You need to scroll to find the
tickets and more importantly the list of pages.

I think a shorter description along the lines of
would be much better. All the information at present in the
description can be moved into pages, and they can be linked
appropriately. Either via a page or from the description. Also all the
pages will be listed below the ticket bins making them accessible at
one go.

Rohit Arondekar

I kinda like it. However, I would suggest putting more emphasis about
they have to get their hands dirty to help us fix the issue, and I
think it would be nice to add the link to "contributors guide", which
is this one:

I mean, that guide is very well written, and really saved myself when
I wrote my first patch :slight_smile:



I suggest that a direct link from the Rails github web page to the
Rails issue page at Lighthouse would make a useful addition. To open
a ticket starting from the Github site with the present arrangement
requires linking through to the 'weblog', thence to the Rails
'overview' and thence to 'bugs/patches'. That seems to me overly
baroque for what should be a straight forward action.

I like the idea to link the contributors guide, it's very thorough.

Actually the wiki on the Github Rails page has a direct link to
Lighthouse. But yes it's kind of hidden. Why isn't there a small
README with important links so you get them immediately on opening the
github page? I wouldn't mind writing one.

I can't change the project description, somebody with the permissions
will need to do it. I'm guessing core members have the rights?