Im looking for RubyOnRails Hosting, but with many sides.

Im looking for some RubyOnRails Hosting.

but: i will seperate the domainregistry and the hosting.

i want to point one or many domains to this hosting without to register the domains with the hosting company. i will only point the dns A or CNAME record to the hosting.

witch feature i need for this? witch hoster can serve this?


PS: my current hoster D*mainf*ctory don't support RoR and not allow "external" domains.

You might want to check out

thanks for the suggestion.

i see in the documents i can add more domains to my dreamhost account with only changing the dns to the dreamhost dns.

i plan later to display content depending on the domain - but with one script

but: a) is there at dreamhost a api for adding more domains to my account with a script (not manualy)? b) can i add a wildcard domain to dreamhost, so that i dont need to configure each domain? (maybe i need a seperate ip for this?)