I have a problem with "link_to"

hello, everyone.
I'm studying rails with version 2.3.5, but I got a problem just now.
I wrote code like:

  <td><%= link_to 'Delete', :action => 'remove_from_cart', :id =>
cart_item %></td>

and I write that method like this.
def remove_from_cart
    @cart = find_cart
    remove_item = params[:id]
unfortunately i found that remove_item isn't my CardItem class but a
String. how could this happen? and how could i get cart_item in my
remove_from_cart method by rewritng my code?

Of course it's a String - that's what "query*string*" parameters are :slight_smile:

- remove_item = params[:id]
+ remove_item = CardItem.find(params[:id])