pass parameters through link_to in a list


I have the following situation
This is my controller:

def addcar @car =[:car]) render :action
=> "list" endthis is my view: <%(@allcars).each do |cell|%>

<%= link_to cell.to_s, :controller => "car", :action => "addcar", :car
=> cell.to_s %>

<%end %>

In the link_to statement I want to pass cell.to_s to the controller.
how can i do that please? THe cell.to_s is just a string but I want it
to be the name of the car object (car.Name)

In other words I want to pass "Honda" to the controller so that I can
save this to the cars table
Id Name
(Autogenerated) Honda
(Autogenerated) Mercedes


What is not working? ? cell is the object, so .to_s method is going to print out
the object summary

I didn’t add the routing properly :S

Now that i’m in my car controller, I want to call a view in the user views. How do i go from the controller to the view???


@car = Car.create( :name => params[:car]) ,

@car = Car.find_or_create_by_name(params[:car])
if you don’t want duplicate items.