I can't work out how to set up my routes

Try this:

map.connect 'admin/:controller/:action/:id'

map.connect ':team_name/:action/:id', :controller => "siteview"

1) The Route for the admin part has to be before the other map in the
routes file, otherwise the other route would match also for /admin/...
and look for a team called "admin" (btw: you should prevent creation of
a team called "admin" as that would never be able tothe public

2) you have to specify the controller for the :team_name route ...

Hope that helps, maybe you could give more info if not...

stupid me, you're right... well you would have to setup individual
routes for each admin controller:

map.connect 'admin/users/:action/:id', :controller => 'users'
map.connect 'admin/teams/:action/:id', :controller => 'teams'
etc. pp.

don't see any other solution, but i'm no pro either :smiley: