HowTo install plugins from github?

Jason Roelofs wrote:

And the problem is? I mean, script/plugin install git... works exactly
as expected, if you have git installed and it works like it should.

Please state what problem you're having instead of just blatantly
bashing something that works for 99% of the people who try to use it.


I am a noob on RoR and I will agree that this git dependency came in from
the left field for me too!:confused:

All the documentation I saw about plugins blithely says use the following
command to install plugin -

rubby script/plugin install acts_as_tree
and it works....

But when I went to try to install acts_as_authenticated and used -
      ruby script/plugin install
      ruby script/generate authenticated user account

I got the error authenticated not found!

working back I found that nothing had been installed in the plug-ins
directory. AND there was no error message during the install either.

After a lot of hunting on forums, I found this post which says that I need
to install this git client! That is not consistent.

:thinking:A gem (git-gem?)dependency I could understand. but a whole new
client to keep track off? Rails doesnt need you to install svn or Perforce
or anything right? You should need these only if you are going to make
changes to the plug-in....

So thanks for posting this as now I am off to install git but want to share
my thoughts.

Quoted from:

You don't need svn to use rails but then you wouldn't be able to
install plugins hosted via svn.
To say rails requires you to install git is back to front: people
started using git to host the plugins they developed and so some nice
person extended script/plugin to be able to install plugins hosted in
such a manner. If it's anyone's "fault" it's the plugin authors for
using git to host their plugins :slight_smile:


it should also be noted that most of those plugins that the authors chose to host with git will have an http counterpart… I think there is some way to get regular downloads from github

The http counterpart is what I was
searching for but could not find.

I will
try to document my travails as a noob to RoR on WinXP and put it on the wiki.

Since I installed the git client and
installed my keys, I have been able to get the plugins I needed.

Next up – I will go for
will-paginate and see how my “new found” wisdom helps me J

Thanks all, as I have been able to move at
such a fast pace with all these plugins as compared to any other stack I know
of and I have worked on both the Java and the .net stacks……

The http counterpart is what I was searching for but could not find.

github allows you to download zip/tar files of projects. I don't think
script/plugin understands that though (but for 99.9% of plugins just
downloading it and unzipping it into vendor/plugins will do the trick.


Is there a difference between
  ruby script/plugin install git://...
  git clone git://...

Does the former do more than copy files into the vendors/plugins
directory? Is the latter safe?


git-clone will simply make a copy of the Git repo (which may or may require some tweaking to get it ready for use) wherever you happen to be in the filesystem whereas script/plugin will place the files in the appropriate folder and make sure everything is ready to use.