How would you handle this?

Hi there,

I currently have two unique sites each requiring a news section which I planned to content manage through blog software. I installed Mephisto on the the same server as the two apps, and had it running successfully, providing news to one of the two sites now in operation. I then tried getting Mephisto running in multi-site mode, but it's not working, and I'm wondering, whether it's worth pulling the few strands of hair remaining on my head out over this.

Why am I running this blogging engine in memory on my server when I can free up the memory its using for either a forum or other mongrels? What would you do to get news onto the two sites? Here are my thoughts/questions. Let me know if I'm missing something, and how you'd handle this.

Option 1: kill Mephisto, use something like Blogger to publish to a directory for each of the two sites and setup apache to point and to each unique news directory. I would want to support user comments on the news, and I don't know that would work in this "static" scenario? Don't know much about the blogging-sphere.

Option 2: host the blog somewhere else using a publishing tool like Blogger, and point the sub-domains and to the online instances. Not sure if that's even possible?

Option 3: Figure out how to debug and get Mephisto working in multi- site setup.

What am I missing? What would you do to get basic news onto two sites of yours allowing user comments, but without adding two much overhead?

I look forward to your responses and thanks! -Alex