Multiblog engine?

Hey, guys.

I'm looking for a blog engine that will support multiple users/blogs. I've looked at Typo and RadiantCMS, along with some others. No one seems to do this as of yet, and I don't have the time (or the skills, for that matter) to implement this in one of them, or make my own right now.

My objective with this would be to have a "community" blog with some friends, that would enable us to:

* Each have his/hers own blog, with its own design, maybe in different subdomains; * Have one blog that would aggregate all posts from the others, show archives, etc. The permalinks would link to the original article, in the corresponding blog, so this main blog wouldn't have the need to store comments, for example. * Of course, the ability to comment and have organized archives would be interesting; No need for trackback/pingback/xml-rpc stuff. It's nice, but not a must-have for us.

It seems that this is a fairly simple idea, but it turns out that I could not find any decent solution. I even looked into PHP solutions a while ago (with WordPress-MU seeming to be the most promising), but I'd really like this to be a Rails software. I am even thinking of running several installations of Typo, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to have one installation aggregating posts from other.

Sorry for the long email, but... Does anyone have an idea of software (or even of a strange setup like the several installations of Typo) that could help me on this?

Thanks in advance, Marcelo Alvim.

Mephisto supports multiple sites, but they're completely isolated. I suppose you could add an aggregated blog though.

For example, the same rails process (yes, just 1 mongrel) runs and They have completely separate domains, authors, and themes.