How to Test Multimodel Paperclip attachments?

I'm using Rspec and FactoryGirl to create specs for multimodel paperclip attachments. From searching other questions, it seems like a single image attachment is more common.


    class Car < ActiveRecord::Base       has_many :uploads, dependent: :destroy

      validates :uploads, presence: { message: 'You must upload at least one image' }

      accepts_nested_attributes_for :uploads, allow_destroy: true     end Upload.rb

    class Upload < ActiveRecord::Base       belongs_to :car

      has_attached_file :upload, styles: { medium: '300x300>', thumb: '100x100>' }

      validates_attachment_content_type :upload, content_type: /\Aimage\/.*\Z/       validates_attachment_presence :upload     end

As you can see there is a has_many and belongs_to relationship between the two.


    require 'spec_helper'

    describe Car do       before do         @car =       end

      subject { @car }

      it { should respond_to(:uploads) }

      it { should be_valid }     end

cars.rb factory

    FactoryGirl.define do       factory :car do         # Something         uploads       end     end I have tried `uploads { FactoryGirl.create!(:upload) }` as well as using the `fixture_file_upload` directly on the Car's uploads attribute. Also I read about Associations,but I wasn't sure how that work.

For the upload factory I've done how you would test an individual attachment


    include ActionDispatch::TestProcess

    FactoryGirl.define do       factory :upload do         upload { fixture_file_upload(Rails.root.join('spec', 'fixtures', 'support', 'test.jpg'), 'image/jpeg') }       end     end