How to run multiple app on JRUBY


How i can run multiple apps in jruby?

I have to start each app on different port?

What deployment platform are you using (or have available)?


Now im using shared, but i will take a VPS.

Uh, well. I meant, what web server(s)/servlet container are you
planning to use, or have available?

Hum, i dont have anyone on mind.

Im searching for sugestions/solutions and a “how to” to i test and see what is better.

I want something stable to my apps and portals.


General suggestions:

1) use a servlet container (Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, etc.) and deploy
    each application as a separate context
2) use a front end proxy like Apache and forward to individual apps
    running on Mongrel, Glassfish gem, etc.


Humm OK, but how i can do it with tomcat?

How to redirect? Or how to configure the xml/context to redirect to the app with the correct port?
How to start all apps? I have to set a diferent port for each app?
Hot to configure tomcat with each app on the same server and all started?


I'm in the middle of rebuilding my dev system after a disk problem
but I *believe* I've tested this by just deploying WAR files in the
usual way. But try it and let us know :slight_smile:

Or I'll post a followup when I get my own mess straightened out...
(no, not how I planned to spend the weekend!)


If anyone has a “how to” explaining how to deploy using tomcat or something like this to use jruby, please post here :slight_smile:

Or links to tutorial


Hahaha…nice joke…favorited…

But i find some articles about it…not so hard to do it.

But if anyone have some tips and otimizations that already use or some best solutions that tomcat with jruby…please post here…

for now i will test with tomcat… thx everyone for help me…