jRuby Sanity Check

Hey all,

We’re building a beta for a large organization that is primarily a Java shop. Ideally, we’d like to build the initial beta in Rails and run it like a traditional rails app. However, it would be great to at some point be able to run it using jRuby on the JVM and possible integrate with their existing systems and/or drop into Java for some performance areas. From what I’ve read about jRuby the following appears to be true but I could be totally wrong:

  1. You can take an existing Rails app and, assumming all tests pass, just run it as as on JRuby.
  2. You can ‘drop into Java’ if need be to improve perforamnce of parts of an application

feel free to tell me if I’m way off

for the most part yes. I think the biggest snag you will hit is if your rails app depends on any gems with only native C extensions, Jruby does not support those. For example, libxml wont work in JRuby along with any other native extension gems. That is the first thing to vet out.

Other than that, using warbler to deploy a war file has been pretty painless for us so far running under Tomcat 5.5.